Attention Type I, II and pre-diabetes sufferers. Discover why other diabetes sufferers are scrambling to read this page.

Astonishingly Powerful
Diabetes ‘Breakthrough’...

Has Billionaire Drug Company Barons Squirming as They
Nervously Forecast a Dramatic Downturn
in Their Inflated Profits

From the desk of: Beverleigh H. Piepers, R.N.
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Dear Diabetes Victim,

Startling as it may seem drug companies don’t really want sick people to get better.

You see, there is a fundamental flaw in their business model... healthy people do not generate profits... so drug companies create drugs to offer you just enough hope of health in order to keep their rivers of profits flowing.

But the fact is - diabetes is something you can smash right out of your body...

Quickly and easily before it can lead to limb amputations or worse...Without painful injections, expensive drugs or other dubious medicine that is often designed to create profits not health.

‘Imagine having the power to control your own health destiny right now -- from the moment you wake up in the morning through the moment you fall asleep. Well this is not a fairy tale. This is reality’’  ~ Time Magazine

You Can Start Beating Diabetes Right Now...

... If you train your body to do so.

You read that correctly. You can train your body and more importantly your mind to beat diabetes.

According to Dr Ader, professor at the University of Rochester medical school and a pioneer in mind-body research:
"There is little question that we can alter the course of disease by manipulating psychological factors,"

While Sandra Levy, Psychologist at the Pittsburgh Cancer Institute states:
“We know mental health helps.’’

Furthermore, Neal Miller, PhD, helped discover thatwe can train ourselves to control some of the physical activities that we previously thought were involuntary, such as our blood pressure and skin temperature...

Surprised? Many people are.

Using your mind you can for instance:

  • Return blood sugar to healthy levels
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Dramatically lower risk of heart disease and stroke
  • Substantially boost energy, control weight and more


Simple Technique You Can Put Into Action
To Help With Your Diabetes Problem

My name is Beverleigh H. Piepers. I’m a registered nurse in Australia and the United States of America and have witnessed some remarkable things whilst caring for diabetic patients.

I’ve cared for many patients who were in recovery after being subjected to single or double leg amputations... and have been appalled at how their condition was being handled and how confused they seemed to be about drugs, diet and blood sugar levels. Understandably their morale and mindset was at a very low ebb...

And I've seen many optimistic patients young and old; black, white; male and female with both type I and type II diabetes make great improvements in their conditions... many patients with type II diabetes even went on to reverse their conditions.

And pre-diabetics patients can bring the advancement of their condition *to a dead halt* just like I did...

I was also once diagnosed with pre-diabetes but quickly normalized my blood sugar levels and greatly improved my overall health with these techniques.

The bottom line is if you follow the guidelines I'm about to spell out for you, you will have a greatly reduced need for Insulin either through injection or from your overstressed pancreas.

From this firsthand experience it became clear the

 Patients With a Healthy Mindset Were Able to
Reverse Diabetes Conditions!

"Inside of us there must be a 'thinking body' that responds to the mind's commands’’
 Dr. Deepak Chopra, endocrinologist

Clearly, if you have the correct mindset and follow a proven plan including a healthy diet, then it is possible to achieve remarkable health results.

In a moment you’ll discover the simple techniques used by myself and other diabetes sufferers to reverse our conditions. But first let me clear up something you may be wondering about.

If it is so easy to teach your body how to beat diabetes...

Why Doesn’t Your Doctor Tell You About This?

Well, there are two main reasons.

Money, or more accurately drug company profits...

And the rather limited view of modern western medical science. You see, today’s scientist tends to look at individual diseases in isolation from the body. They follow the germ theory school of thinking that was championed by Louis Pasteur in the early 1900’s.

In effect modern medical science often totally ignores the connection between mind and body. This is in stark contrast to many ancient healing systems which strongly emphasize the connection between mind and body.

Fortunately though more doctors and scientists are questioning the drug company stranglehold on medicine and exploring the positive effect good mindset has on patient recovery.

Now it’s your turn to put it to the test because I’ve collated all my knowledge and personal firsthand experience of pre-diabetes reversal into an easy to follow guide.


Introducing ‘Diabetes and the Mind’

For your convenience it’s in handy pdf format you can download and read on any computer. With this in your hand it’ll be easy to throw away the syringes to the trash bin.



Safeguard your HEALTH - It’s
Your Responsibility

Flip open your copy of 'Diabetes and the Mind' and you’ll see it contains all the practical tips and tactics that can help you reverse your diabetes condition... the way many others have done before.

You will discover:

  The often misunderstood link between mind and health and what this means to you
  What a Michigan State University study found out about bosses from top U.S. companies and how you can use this inside information to knock diabetes from you life

The surprising thing your spouse can do to accelerate your healing process

Why it’s sometimes advisable to turn down an invitation to a family party - and what you must do to safeguard your health if you are finally coerced into going

The shocking truth about so-called healthy restaurant food and its adverse effect on your life. Discover an alternative option that could prolong your years

The simple eating patterns that can dramatically reverse your diabetes situation
  Why you must do a food audit in your house

Favorite kinds of foods you should never, ever have in your house if you want to live longer - you’ll be surprised when you see what’s on this list

The types of drinks you should avoid at all costs

What you need to do for 20 short minutes every day to dramatically reverse your situation. You’ll be stunned by its simplicity and ever so startling effectiveness

The startling discovery of Dr Maxwell Maltz in the 1960s and how you can use it to heal your body of any disease
  And much, much more

Your copy of ‘Diabetes and the Mind’ could be the route that will take you from a life of pain, anxiety and exploitation by drug a life of full energy and hope.

If you still need a little push in the right direction, read some of the fantastic feedback we have had so far:

"I bought this for my Mom, and she is finally listening
to me!"

      "My Mom has diabetes and I was really worried about her health, and she would not listen to the doctor either. But she does read the Health Magazines, like Prevention, so I thought if I showed her this book she would start taking better care of herself. I want her to see her granddaughters get married. And since Mom's health was failing, I knew I had to do something.

I bought this for my Mom and she is finally listening to me!

After she read it, she believes me and knows she has to watch her weight and take better care of herself. I love my Mom and want her around for a long, long time. Now she has a better chance of seeing her granddaughters grow up!

This book helped my Mom, and I am sure it will help anyone who needs help with coping with diabetes."

Jane Morrison
Atlanta, Georgia

"When I read the book, I was appalled and could not believe what the doctors were not telling me about the prescription drugs I was taking!"

      "I've been reading what the book said, then did more research on the Internet and what Beverleigh says in the book is very sad and terrible but true.

When I read the book, I was appalled and could not believe what the doctors were not telling me about the prescription drugs I was taking!

Get this book it may save a loved one's life, it has saved mine!"

Mike Johnson
Austin, Texas

"I could not believe how easy it was to start losing weight but if you read the book and follow it you can!"

      "I've been reading what the book said, then did more research on the Internet and I am appalled at what I have found to be true.

I could not believe how easy it was to start losing weight
but if you read the book and follow it you can!

My weight loss is much more easy to sustain now when I think of all the bad food that was harming me in my kitchen, no wonder I could not lose any weight. If you need to lose weight and you are diabetic then this book will help you do it."

Elaine Robins
Troy, Michigan

How Much Will It Cost Me Beverleigh?

I’m glad you asked and we’ll get to your investment in a second but first... Can you imagine what could happen if you chose not to get a copy of ‘Diabetes and the Mind’? Clearly the implications are horrific - possible loss of one or both limbs, pain, suffering or an early grave.

And the cost of the medicine alone could be astronomical.

Obviously you hope none of those would happen but is it worth the risk? Especially when there is a very real chance that your diabetes condition can be stopped dead in it’s tracks.

Clearly if that were the case a price of $97 would certainly be worth every cent...

But you won’t have to pay $97 today or, for that matter, $67. And even that would be a bargain in it’s own right.

Because I know firsthand the true horrors of diabetes I want to help as many people as I can.

So I’m going to give you a copy of ‘Diabetes and the Mind’ for the low investment of

 only $17

That’s a full $10 dollars off the price I was advised to charge by my financial advisors. They said: “the cheaper the price the less people will follow the advice inside the book.”

But because I know personally the pain and anguish diabetes can bring to a family I deliberately priced ‘Diabetes and the Mind’  below their recommendations... as a test only... to see if I could help more people that way.

I will increase the price without warning if I feel I’m not helping as many people as I want to overcome their diabetes condition though.

Why not secure your copy of ‘Diabetes and the Mind’ at the rock bottom price of $17 right now? If you come back later it may have increased or your condition could have significantly worsened.

Iron-Clad 60 Day Guarantee


You have my solemn vow ‘Diabetes and the Mind’ will help you to get the best of your diabetes condition. I stand by my research.

However I also want you to feel at ease with your investment. So if you are dissatisfied in any way I guarantee to rush you back your money any time within 60 days, even on the very last day.

Clearly you have absolutely nothing to lose. All the risk is mine.

Why not order your copy right now and put the tips, tricks and information inside ‘Diabetes and the Mind’  to the test?

I won’t consider your small investment of only $17 binding until after 60 days have passed.





‘Diabetes and the Mind’ is for Those
Who Truly Want to LIVE...

Yes please Beverleigh I truly want to live. I’m tired of suffering from diabetes and want to smash it out of my life once and for all.

I’ve seen your remarkably generous offer and am pleased to see you are confident enough to have a 60 day iron-clad guarantee.

I know there is no risk on my part. I stand to gain my health and a much improved lifestyle.

I understand this is a pdf book that I can download and read on any computer.

On this basis here is my $17


(Instant Download PDF)

Can be read with Free Adobe Acrobat Reader


Please rush me my download link so I can start improving my health this very instance.

Yours to a diabetes free life!



Don’t forget I reserve the right to increase the price without warning. Why not order your copy now before something distracts you?

  The longer you leave ordering the more tenacious a grip the monster of diabetes will take on you. This is a genuine battle you are fighting...if you do not kill diabetes it may kill you! Why not give yourself the winning option?


(instant download PDF)

  $17 is a small investment when compared to the cost of medicine and pain and suffering you WILL have to endure if you choose to suffer from diabetes. And remember the risk of proof is on me - you have 60 full days to put everything to the test. If you are dissatisfied in any way you only need email me and I’ll rush you a full refund.

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A Special Note From Beverleigh,

My name is Beverleigh Piepers RN and my  goal is to help you to easily understand how to grab ahold of the power of your mind to help you conquer weight loss. 

You, or you loved one may have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes … this is a fair indication there is a genetic predisposition.

But this does not mean type 2 needs to develop. Healthy habits actually play a more vital roll in the development of type 2 diabetes than one’s genetic makeup. While there is a predisposition some people have to type 2 diabetes, you can overcome it.

Many of the people I work with are just suppressing their blood sugar levels with drugs their doctors have prescribed. The doling out of drugs happens despite the fact diet and exercise is infinitely more effective than any medication. The question remains: “why do doctors automatically prescribe drugs for type 2 diabetes?”

Actually statistics show that upwards of 95% of weight loss diets fall flat. With the grim facts in front of them, most doctors simply don’t believe their patients will make the drastic lifestyle change necessary to reverse their type 2 diabetes without drugs. In fact, many doctors have found this to be the case in their own lives.

Don’t let them be right about you: take the steps to turn your life around and reverse diabetes without needing to take a dangerous drug.  

The perils of being medication reliant are very real. Not only are they incredibly expensive, but the blood sugar levels you get from them are only temporary. That’s not to mention the harmful side effects they bring to the table. Without diet, exercise, and weight loss, your diabetes will only get progressively worse over time … no matter how many drugs your doctor gives you.

If you think someone or something is going to give you what you want or magically transform you into who you want to be, you are deluding yourself. Are you ready to take full responsibility for your life and decide that no matter what it takes, you WILL change your ways?


Are you ready to make type 2 diabetes YOUR slave?  

My aim is to help you see you are the King or Queen of your life. You decide what your life is about, and also where you are going with it. Something extremely powerful happens when you decide that no matter what, you will succeed in what you set out to do.

Use your mind for diabetes reversal … let you mind be your own Excalibur!

(Instant download PDF)